Parklane Management Company operates apartment, office and retail buildings in Boise, Idaho. We are committed to giving good service, respect and courtesy to our residential, office and retail customers. Parklane has been in business since 1975. We continually strive to improve communication among ourselves, with our customers, and with our property owners. The company supports and encourages its employees to better themselves and their organization through a philosophy that embraces openness, compassion, the truth, new knowledge, and new methods. In summary, we are: good people giving good service to enhance our customers’ homes and places of business.

Parklane is also a real estate development firm. Since 1975, the company has completed about twenty-five real estate developments in Boise, Idaho. About half of the company’s developments are new construction and half substantial or moderate renovation. Parklane’s projects have received three “Orchid” awards from the Idaho State Housing Preservation Council, and two design awards from Boise’s Design Review Committee. Parklane is owned by Kenneth G. Howell, who has been named a distinguished preservationist by the Idaho State Historic Preservation Council for his work in preserving Idaho’s heritage.