Parklane has a quick and easy application process. Please follow the steps below.

Get the Ball Rolling
Contact us to talk to one of our agents and browse our 26 properties online.
See It In Person
Arrange with your Parklane agent to see the apartment(s) you have in mind.
Once you have a specific apartment in mind, fill out an application — either online or on paper (mailed or hand-delivered). We require a nonrefundable $40 application fee per person. Applicants who qualify by their income for a rent subsidy should download and fill out the Section 42 Application rather than the regular applications. If you need a cosigner on your rental agreement, please also fill out this Cosigner Addendum.

Apply Online

You can fill out your rental application online by clicking below. The $40 application fee will be required as part of the online process.

Or, Use a Paper Application

If you want to print and either mail or hand-deliver an application, use the following links. Completed applications and a check or money order for $40 can be mailed to us at:

attn: [your agent’s name]
Parklane Management Co.
817 W Franklin St
Boise Idaho 83702